Good Ads and Pay Per Click

Google Ads & Pay Per Click Advertising

Google accounts for 86.02% of all searches.

You probably have heard of Google AdWords, but in July of 2018, Google rebranded this into Google Ads to more accurately reflect their ad offerings expanding beyond words; however, their search-based ads still account for most of the ad business.

You might be aware of what search engine ads are, or you might not; thanks to the increases in mobile search over the past years, search engine advertisement has become more effective and, in our opinion, more essential than ever. People are more likely than ever to click on a sponsored ad link than an organically returned webpage.

The fact that so many businesses are not utilising Google Ads is a paradox. Google ads are very much a pay-to-play opportunity for those willing to invest. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s targeting competitors, increasing visibility of specific products or finding new markets to expand your business to.

Remember, Google Ads can be a significant tool in driving traffic to your website, but you still must have the website and branding in place to convert this traffic. That is why when working with HACK marketing you will receive a comprehensive service that doesn’t have the sole focus of taking a monthly payday from oblivious business owners like so many of other providers in our field.

Of course, you can do Google Ads yourself, the platform is free to join for all business owners. However, in our experience, this leads to wasted budget and poor conversions. Let HACK do what we do best and take your brand into the internet age successfully.

Not being searchable on Google is the equivalent to not existing for most businesses. Just as there was a time for everybody to be in the Yellow pages, so too, must businesses be using Google Ads.

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