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Although sounding similar, Geotargeting and Geofencing are different. They are both advanced digital marketing techniques increasingly being used in Australia, and this trend is going to continue.

Firstly, what is Geofencing and Geotargeting, what is the difference?
Geofencing is to draw an invisible barrier using IP addresses. Individuals using electronic devices within the IP parameters are then delivered targeted ads. This is extremely useful for businesses where large groups of people congregate, be it a university campus or a sporting stadium. This is an extremely tight targeting technique and is best utilised to promote local deals and businesses.

Geotargeting refers to targeting people within a certain radius combined with individuals meeting a certain criterion. This is a more traditional ad delivery method and is likely to work better for larger areas as the ad placement can focus on individual interests, behaviours, demographics and can target specific keywords.

Location is one of the most important factors in advertising, so to live in an age where we can so accurately utilise this is exciting. Its important businesses understand the differences in ad options and understand the specific use cases for each ad type.

Every week advertisers are increasing their offerings in both accuracy and use cases for location targeting and HACK is excited to be leading the way in testing the different technologies, so you don’t have to.

HACK marketing are already able to:
– Retarget ads to tagged users once they leave a geofenced area
– Schedule ads to be displayed during specific times (perfect for live events)
– Create ads directed specifically to people in the vicinity of a certain area, this one is a little scary, but hey, that’s the Ad business!

These technologies aren’t going away anytime soon, and HACK is at the forefront of utilising new technologies to generate sales or brand recognition.

Unlike television and radio, digital advertising allows extremely specific parameters for advertisement that if utilised correctly can dramatically increase your brands reach and success.

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