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Notice that watch on your favourite Instagram models’ arm? The gym that the sexy guy your wife totally doesn’t look at uses? How about the car that your favourite YouTube Personality just started their video in. Whilst minor, these appearances generate massive interest and sales for the company’s smart enough to utilise these accessible celebrities.

Unlike traditional stars, influencers exist in their own biome and hold enormous attention from their fans and followers. Unlike many Hollywood celebrities, influencers are accessible for business relationships and we can connect you. No matter your size, utilising influencers can dramatically increase reach and effectiveness of campaigns.

Most influencers will have their own set of standards and partnership ethics that they adhere to as well as any rules specific to a platform. HACK Marketing uses their experience to make sure that both parties have positive outcomes from any partnership and that expectations are made clear. Our analytics support team then provides data to illustrate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Sometimes the most effective use of influencers is to use more than one. Combining different influencers within a similar industry sends a strong message that without question shapes consumers choices.

Looking to partner with someone but not sure who? HACK can present you with suitable candidates and put together the ultimate campaign, matching your goals with our experience.

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