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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of being found online… it’s all about visibility. Whilst organic search position can be hard to gain in today’s competitive and crowded markets, HACK marketing incorporates genuine strategies to get your business found online.

Many companies out there are selling snake oil, so if it sounds too good to be true, it is. There’s no easy way too rank on Google and common Blackhat techniques will get your website blacklisted.

The best tool in anyone’s belt is understanding the algorithms that search engines use… whilst complicated, companies like Google hold seminars often and disclose many changes to the search industry openly. Our team of specialists believe in Active SEO, meaning that month to month, we are always striving to improve your website, making it more attractive to search engines.

Often, we find that the client’s product is fundamentally flawed, be it a slow website load time, insufficient conversion opportunities or incorrect or outright missing tags. HACK marketing works with businesses to correct the fundamental issues so that any search engine optimisation techniques utilised have the best chance of making a difference. More than ever geography is playing a role in search results, which is why it’s so important that your website clearly defines your customer base and their geography.

Remember, no company can promise you a specific result with SEO… Most generic keywords are now highly competitive and pages with substantial authority lead these searches. What HACK can do is give your website the best possible chance of ranking well on search engines.

Searching your businesses name and seeing your company as number 1 is not an indicator of search rank… Google takes your history into consideration when displaying results, not to mention a potential customer is searching for a product, not your business name.

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