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For better or worse, social media is now a dominant force in marketing for businesses. If you have used Facebook or Instagram recently you will have noticed the substantial amount of both advertising and sponsored content that now appears in your feed.

HACK Marketing does not believe that all businesses will benefit from a social media strategy or presence; but when we identify that an opportunity exists, you can be sure that we will put an effective strategy in place for success.

Quite unlike the name, social media does not serve businesses in a social manner, yes it can open conversations with potential customers, but the bottom line is that you want to see a return on your investment. Whilst both Instagram and Facebook offer a comprehensive ad platform, all to often businesses are throwing money at the websites through ‘boosts’ or suggested advertisements. These are highly ineffective and lack proper research, targeting and in turn results.

The beauty of advertising through social media is the shear ability to target your audience and retarget these same, well defined people. The data that can be generated through a single campaign can be mind boggling to say the least and when utilised properly, creates opportunities beyond a single interaction.

Working with the HACK team will ensure effective use of your budget as well as creating a campaign that drives a return. HACK Marketing offers several social media packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Remember, the hardest part of social media is consistency, if you are not willing to invest the substantial time an effective social media presence requires, or pay someone to do it, then it’s best to avoid it in our opinion!

Social Media advertising done incorrectly can harm your brand and increase negative sentiment… don’t advertise ‘just because’ or boost because Facebook told you too, make sure every advertisement has a clear strategy behind it.

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