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Great web design increases your businesses sales. It’s really that simple.

At HACK Marketing we believe in function over form. That isn’t to say our sites aren’t beautiful, they absolutely are. But when designing a website solution for a client the primary goal is always to increase their businesses visibility and to generate leads.

A beautiful knife that is blunt has no place in the kitchen, similarly, a website that doesn’t perform has no purpose.



Up to 90% of your traffic may be on devices such as phones and tablets. This means that the entire approach to web design has changed in the past 10 years. It’s more important than ever that your website is responsive which means it displays correctly no matter the device it’s viewed on… from an iPhone to a 34” ultrawide display. When you get a website with HACK Marketing, we thoroughly test your page so that no matter who is looking, you will have a professional and clean website that drives action.

User Friendly

Before any site design is finalised our User Experience (UX) designer makes sure that the website will make sense to users. This goes back to function over form… Our goal is to make it easy for your customers to contact you.

SEO Optimised

Upon delivery your website will absolutely be SEO optimised. The HACK team prides itself on education and we will have built your site with search engine optimisation at the forefront.
Enterprise level infrastructure – Unfortunately it is too often that we see even good web design hosted on sub standard infrastructure. Page speed is heavily ranked for search engines, as is correctly implemented SSL encryption. Whilst you can host your web project anywhere, we highly recommend hosting through our servers. We will not put you on an oversold shared hosting plan ever.


It grinds our gears hugely when we see company’s invoicing clients to change an image. This is standard but, in our opinion, it is not okay. When you buy a website through HACK Marketing, we include reasonable maintenance and requests in our hosting. Reasonable is defined as ‘to the average person’… if it is going to take us 10 minutes (such as change an image or wording) you will not receive an invoice from us.

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